As our first IB Design & Technology Project, we were asked to create a useful and effective flatpack furniture using tools available in the school makerspace. Having bought several IKEA products in the past, I understand how stress-free and simple the installation of high quality and durable furniture can be. And with my design, I wanted to take the idea of flatpack a step further, where the product folds up instead of being disassembled each time, making it more portable and less cumbersome. My flatpack stool design features simple parts that allow it to be folded into a one or two-seater, making it an ideal companion for long road journeys or camping trips. The creation of this product also gave me the opportunity to work with several workshop tools such as electric saws, power tools, and 3D printers, through which I was able to really hone my woodworking and hands-on creation skills.

  • FEBRUARY 2022