When we think of a factory, some basic images are bound to appear in our mind – a dimly lit environment and dull gray machinery. And in the modern factory, the hexapod is becoming an increasingly common tool to precisely place objects by moving in 3 linear and 3 rotational axes. 

By nature, I like to explore and experiment and designing the HexaPod was purely an experiment to design an industrial product. While I have not created anything unique with this project, I ended up learning quite a bit about robotic legs and the application of hexapods across a variety of use cases. My Hexapod design diverges from the traditional aesthetic of machinery and is an elegant take on this exceptionally useful product. The premium titanium legs, connected by the precisely made stainless steel shafts form a premium and exquisite product, one that gracefully blends aesthetic appeal and top notch functionality.

  • APRIL 2O22