An invitation to a Malay friend’s house and catching a glimpse of a bamboo steamer – a novel product to me –  got me wondering about what other kitchen tools around the world remained a secret. The more I read about different cooking cultures, the more intrigued I became. I decided to create a utensil set featuring the best kept secrets from kitchens around the world with the hope of creating unity in diversity through a universal task: cooking.  

Embrace promotes cultural cohesiveness by bringing together cooking utensils from various parts of the world. The tagine from Morocco, Japanese knives, a Mexican molinillo, a Turkish coffee pot, and a mortar and pestle have been refined to embody a unified design language. 

The overlapping design is the basis of this collection. Not only does it create a unique aesthetic appeal, but it also depicts a sense of bonding and togetherness between cultures. The products share a common color scheme of shades of earthy brown, depicting the color of soil,  the origin of humanity, cultures, and traditions.

  • FEBRUARY 2022