Some products have remained essentially the same for years and a classic example is the bar stool, with a slim shaft, a comfortable seat and a basic height adjustment mechanism. So why not rethink the bar stool from scratch and build something that is fun and engaging? ‘Screw Top’ is a unique bar stool design inspired by the working of screws. The seating module is attached to a shaft, which is lined with threads like a screw, allowing you to simply swivel around to increase or decrease the height. The Screw Top also aims to bring back the nostalgia and joy of sitting on a revolving chair and spinning around – something that I still enjoy doing!

I had also submitted my design for a design competition by Parmigiano Reggiano with prominent judges including Karim Rashid and Mauro Porcini where I was shortlisted as a finalist:

  • JANUARY 2020